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Las Nenas



Who We Are

Las Nenas was created in 1996 by Veronica with the purpose to help everyone have a better life through readings and consultations.

She has become a Spiritual Business Coach and Consultant by advising people to wiser decisions on their bad circumstances and guides them on a more balance path.

After a while, her sister Vanessa joined in focusing on helping people. She has been certified as an Astrologist, Reiki Master Healer and Prana Healer to help cancer patients as herself. She also works with children with autism along side with parents and with any difficulties children may have, teaching them how to balance themselves.

With Veronica's spiritual guidance and Vanessa's healing technics together they make Las Nenas a teaching experience for a better quality of life thru the method of a balance body, mind and soul.


What We Do


The consultation is a simple conversation where the energies get connected between the Angels to be able to communicate in an informative way to help in anxiety situations and obtain better solutions to be able to achieve a better quality of life across a physical and spiritual balance.



Reiki is a spiritual practice based on the belief of the existence of the universal vital energy “Ki“, manipulated by the hand imposition. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese characters: Rei means "divinely" and ki means “vital energy". In this rebalancing, in accordance with the Reiki, activates the natural capacity of the body to heal. Reiki is considered by its practitioners as a holistic therapy which brings spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing.



The aura is an energy field that is within and around the human being. By keeping this energy field clean, we maintain a balance between body, mind and soul.



A technique that seeks to detect and correct problems in the aura and the chakras to achieve a better quality of life. Helps to relieve the stress, anxiety and irritability among other situations.



Consultation with tarot cards help to see details of the client with their energies. Through the connection with their energy you can see the past in order to help have a better future. The illustrations of the cards mark specific moments that can help to avoid negative situations and see how the future is being built.



Through astrology the astral chart is made, which is a personal map that helps to get to know you better. It teaches how to handle the energies for any area of our lives: love, work, money, health, family, etc. It can also teach us the best time to evolve and our way to a divine purpose.  For children is an excellent tool, so the parents see how the mix of their energies have their pros and cons with the energies of the child. It is also a good tool for love, in which there is a map of synastry in where you can see if the energies of both people work in common to evolve, or where there are ups and downs.


"The quieter you become the more you can hear"




Our Mission

Las Nenas mission is to sow love and gratitude in the hearts of each person to get union and peace not only worldwide, but also universal. Through the education on the importance of spirituality in the day to day basis, each client finds its way to a better quality of life.

We teach different techniques of healing so that the person mantains a balance between body, mind and soul and thus obtain a both professional and personal success.