Charity of Copper Ritual

collar oshun ilde.jpg

As we are in energies of evolution, I leave a simple ritual for energies of prosperity and love. Light a yellow candle in the name of the Charity of Copper or Oshun and put around the candle 9 cents. For 9 days, pray your prayer to help you with strength of strength. Oh, Blessed Virgin of the Charity of Copper, My Mother and Lady Sovereign, With what joy I go to prostrate myself at your feet! Virgin of miracles, as our elders called you; Heals the sick, Consoles the afflicted, gives encouragement to the desperate, preserves families from all misfortune, protects the youth, Protects children. Countless are the wonders that work every day in favor of the souls that invoke you, thus justifying the trust and love that professes all your children, so I come to you once more To apply to be my powerful mediator And reach me from the Most High solution to my desperate problem: (Make the request). Holy Mother I leave in your loving hands My sorrows and anguish, knowing that You will attend them willingly as you have done for your children on so many occasions. From your sanctuary of Copper, Venerable Virgin of Charity, always be the source of all graces, and continue to lavish your favors. Amen Nice day!!!

Vanessa Martinez