Abundance Energy Ritual

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As things gradually normalize, we continue to evolve. After these ravages today we exhorted you to do this simple ritual to manifest the energy of abundance with something we want.


• crystal glass

• Water

• 3 tablespoons white or brown sugar

• 1 white, green or violet candle.


Inside the glass you make water (it does not have to be up to the top) and then you make a paper with your desire or desires and end up casting the 3 tablespoons of sugar. Spoil it with a spoon putting all your faith, intention, energy and do this prayer when lighting the candle: Spirit, guide or angel give me wisdom and enlighten my path. Refresh my mind and my heart with your energy. With your address I find peace within me. Put your powerful hand in this hour of restlessness and uncertainty and bring me the certainty of victory. Come at this hour, I ask you for a miracle in my prosperity. Help me with my debts, give me the tools and the wisdom to get out of this situation. It opens the doors of prosperity and / or abundance; prosper and bless my ways, my business, my investments, the house I have, my clients and / or my work. This prayer is not only for me, but for all those friends and / or relatives who are in need of a miracle just like me. We are all children of God Almighty, Do not allow us to lack any good; let us have prosperity in abundance; I ask for wisdom and supernatural judgment to deal with the business, the contracts and the money that I have to collect. Give me justice in my judgment and in all the things that I have to do. Holy Spirit surround me and rotate us with your hand of power, here and now. Holy Spirit in your name, I ------- (add your full name) I open my heart and my mind to you to receive with infinite gratitude today and always the prosperity that comes only from your powerful hand. I thank you, infinite thanks for the miracle you are working in my life. I know they will multiply throughout the universe and we will be the many grateful infinitely for your immense generosity. That's right and it will. Amen! Make this prayer with your candle for 7 days to manifest your request, desire or miracle.

Vanessa Martinez