September and Venus


Planetary movements bring us new energy through the planet Venus. Venus, planet of love, beauty and desires, brings us a positive energy that will help us to understand in detail what we need to evolve and be happy. On the negative side what we need sometimes is not the same as what we want. We have to balance well because at the same time there is a lot of fire energy around us and this makes our attitudes stronger and without filters and we see ourselves as bipolar because we are trying to understand the transition. The energy of the full moon on September 20 will help us to organize, restructure our surroundings, manage our emotions healthy, evolve our way and finally start to see clearly because God and the Universe give us that destiny.

For what is left of the month of September, starting from today, you can take this daily bath. In a 1/2 gallon of water or a similar container made:

-1 cup of Witch Hazel

-3 tablespoons of white sugar

-1 tablespoon of white vanilla (optional).

Mix well and after bathing, Put it on you like a little cologne decreeing your desires. This bath helps the energy of the Aura shine and open the roads for love and prosperity.

Vanessa Martinez